Even the little ones deserve great things!

Especially at the beginning of your self-employment, it is extremely important that you pay enough attention to promoting your own company. In addition to the basic equipment of a start-up, such as logo, stationery, business cards, homepage and Facebook page, it is extremely important to make the potential target group aware of your own company or the services / products offered. Company or product brochures, advertising flyers, poster advertising, social media advertising (e.g. Facebook advertising), search engine marketing (SEO / SEA) or just a web advertisement will help you.

Due to the oversupply that prevails on the market today, it is more important than ever to not only inform customers, but to turn them into fans sooner or later.

This is exactly where we support you! Fast, uncomplicated and inexpensive - exactly according to your wishes, so that you can completely take care of YOUR business!

Why is a good website particularly important for START-UPs ?

A website is your company's digital business card!

It is extremely important not only for business start-ups that they are found on the Internet, because this is where potential customers look for you.

However, many start-ups are of the opinion that it is sufficient to simply publish your name and address on the Internet - far from it!

A website not only has to exist, be informative and findable, it also has to be attractive and appealing. Because don't forget: You also share the Internet with your competitors!

Imagine you are in the supermarket and you want to buy any product. If the content and price are the same, don't you prefer to grab the packaging that you find more attractive?

6 good reasons for startups to have a website :

Development and implementation of the website (excluding WP license and server work) from €1,090*
Logo development from €250*
Development of business cards or stationery from €89*
Setup Facebook Fanpage from €89*
Starter Pack 1 (Logo, business cards, stationery, website **) from €1,590*
Starter Pack 2 (Logo, business cards, stationery, website **, Facebook page, brochure ***) from €1,990*
Starter Pack 3 (Logo, business cards, stationery, website **, Facebook page, brochure ***, company or image film ****) from €2,790*

* The prices are guide values and can vary according to your individual wishes and scope. All prices net plus VAT
** One-Pager-Website
*** 4 pages
**** animated from pictures with scrolling text and music, excl. soundtrack, max. 1 min.